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UKIP Displays the same contempt for Democracy as The EU!

#0774* - UKIP Displays the same contempt for Democracy as The EU!
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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP Displays the same contempt for Democracy as The EU!

A TOTAL Disregard of a Majority Decision of its own elected committee - seemingly to protect Farage's income stream!

Farage was, as I recal, all too willing to dump Clark when he found a possibly bigger income stream and the opportunity to take a Bath with Lord Rutland - who however gave little Farage short shrift and sent him packing!

Just as when Farage ignored Clark in his love in with Kilroy Silk and PROMISED HIM the leadership of UKIP! 
it is interesting to note that despite this document being circulated to ALL Members of the UK Independence Party East Midland Counties Committee and having been returned supported and signed by what one committee described as a unanimous majority which I feel could be more safely be described as an overwhelming majority (as Clark himself was a member of that committee and at least one paid toady was placed on it by him)
Dear Sirs,

After careful consideration and discussions, although we appreciate what Derek Clark has done for us in the past, we feel that Derek is not the right person to push the region forward in the future.

We the undersigned no longer have full faith and confidence in Derek Clark as our MEP or Chairman of the EMCC.  This notification is a vote of no confidence in Derek Clark and we ask him to stand down forthwith as our MEP and EMCC Chairman.




As yet UKIP would seem to have totally ignored the democratic rights of its members, yet again.
One is forced to wonder whether the dishonest, corrupt and clearly useless Derek clark is being kept on as a cash cow for Nigel Farage as I can see no other reason for such an odious and useless article to remain in office when rejected by the unarguable democratic committee and members who have clearly rejected him.
Here are the comments of Junius on the matter (after discussion)

UKIP: Derek Clark vote of no confidence

We are pleased to note that the outgoing East Midlands Regional Committee has passed a vote of no confidence in Derek "I luv a piece of cod" Clark. And about time!

Clark is a joke. This foolish old man's incompetence as an MEP and regional chairman are now the stuff of legend. See: LINK & LINK & LINK & LINK

It is time for Clark to step down and be replaced by a better man. We trust that Nigel Farage and the NEC will respect the decision of the committee and ask Clark to fall on his sword at the earliest opportunity.
Many will be aware that I have openly called for the resignation of the corrupt and dishonest Derek Clark who has lied on a serial basis about me and also about the Junius blog and despite claims he never reads the blogs seems readily able to quote from them in fabricating his lies to cover his dishonest and fraudulent behaviour!
To learn more undeniable facts about this treacherous and dishonest little man and his betrayal of these United Kingdoms for his own gain CLICK HERE
Let us not forget that this is the odious little man who tried to rig a Kangaroo Court with Gerard Batten and little Douglas Denny to remove the el;ected Chairman of UKIP East Midlands Peter Baker based upon lies and trumpped up charges and ensuring Peter Baker was denied access to witnesses who could prove the charges against him were lies from Derek Clark and his corrupt associates.
Derek Clark is also the individual who openly boasted at a public meeting of how he personally defrauded The EU for his own gain.
Derek Clark also betrayed his electorate and Britain by entering into an agreement with Romania to campaign for increased control of The EU over Britain and greater 'subsidiarity' of Britain to The EU - for Farage to enlarge his grubby little group in The EU and seemingly trouser more money from the 4,000 / 400 budget and international travel budgets now available to buy the loyalty of members of the group to ensure the income stream?
That UKIP is unprofessional and has an EU style contempt for democracy is clearly visible not just in the fact that the vote of no confidence has been kept secret - although we gave details as soon as it had occurred UKIP were trying to keep it hushed up!
Let us also remeber that like Ireland who voted the wrong way for The EU and were forced to vote again UKIP members resoundingly rejected changes to their constitution but as with The EU UKIP's corrupt leadership suppressed all opposition and spent member's money on promoting the aim to centralise more power in the hands of one man and his puppets and muppets and after massive publicity of the one side within the party engineered another vote and an implausible 90%+ yes vote from the entire membership redollent of some third world tin pot dictatorish or the democratic standards of Nazi Germany, Stalin's USSR, Pol Pot or Mau's China!
One can expect Nigel Farage's corrupt, useless, dishonest and fraudulent cash cow to linger on like a bad smell - as he has done to date - befouling the body politic as he seemingly enriches his 'Glorious Leader'!
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