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#0784* – The Lies of Derek Clark & Nigel Farage Exposed!

#0784* – The Lies of Derek Clark & Nigel Farage Exposed!

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in the light of Derek Clark’s lies and serial dishonesty perhaps it is apposite to ask how even such a consumate spinner and showman as Nigel Farage can justify his dishonesty as he lied to the media, lied to the electorate, lied to the UKIP members, lied to the Regional Committee and lied to his colleagues as admitted in the press:
Ukip MEPs misused EU allowances to fund party’s UK work
Two senior Ukip MEPs have repaid more than £37,000 they say they were asked to divert by a senior adviser to the party
Ukip leader Nigel Farage has admitted that he also might have been investigated for diverting EU money, but says he has done nothing wrong. Photograph: Sean Smith for the Guardian
MEPs from the United Kingdom Independence party, whose organisation has railed against the European Union‘s “gravy train”, have been found to have misused taxpayer-funded allowances following a crackdown by Europe‘s anti-fraud watchdog.
Two of the party’s senior members have repaid more than £37,000 meant for office staff after diverting it to party workers based in the UK. One MEP told the Guardian that he was asked to divert the funds by a senior adviser to the party.
The findings follow an inquiry by Olaf, the EU’s investigative unit, and will raise further questions about the way that Ukip has sought to profit from the European parliament’s generous expenses and staffing regime. The party argues the EU is a waste of money and calls for Britain’s withdrawal.
It comes days after a YouGov poll gave the party a major boost, showing Ukip in third place behind Labour and the Conservatives on 9%, with the Liberal Democrats at 8%.
Documents released by Olaf show that Derek Clark, Ukip’s MEP for the East Midlands, had successfully applied for money from the EU to pay for two assistants in 2004 and 2005.
But instead of working for Clark, the inquiry found they worked almost exclusively for Ukip from Britain.
EU rules state that staff paid with this allowance must work predominantly for the European parliament. “The provided allowances are only eligible when spent on activities and objects which are directly linked to the office of a member of the European parliament,” EU documents state.
One of those paid by Clark was Niall Warry, Ukip’s former office manager in its Birmingham headquarters, who received around £10,000 for six months’ work.
He told the Guardian that the decision was approved by senior people within the party. “Ukip MEPs, sanctioned by the top of the party, have been paying for salaried party officials with public money. I knew I was being paid by Clark, but I was not aware then that it was against the rules,” said Warry, who has since left the party.
Clark said he began paying political workers with EU money only after being asked to do so by an adviser to the party, whom he refused to name. He has repaid around £31,800.
“We were using legitimate ways to use this money to try and alert people on the problems of the EU. We believed that we were doing it for Britain,” he said. “It was an honest mistake.”
Olaf’s inquiry concluded that there was a breach of rules. “The discussed payments could be considered illegal indirect party funding,” it said.
Graham Booth, the late Ukip MEP for south west England, was asked to pay back £5,555 after Olaf found he had also diverted money to fund a party official. It is understood that Booth, who died in December, paid the money back in full.
Another Ukip MEP, Mike Nattrass, was subject to an Olaf inquiry but was not forced to pay money back.
Other Ukip sources have claimed there was a “systematic” attempt to pay party officials using EU money.
In 2009, a former Ukip MEP was jailed for diverting £39,000 meant for a member of staff into a bank account he secretly controlled. Tom Wise, who represented East of England, spent some of the money on fine wine and a car.
Nigel Farage, Ukip’s leader, admitted he also might have been investigated by Olaf for diverting money from the EU to political campaigns, but said he had done nothing wrong. He insisted there was not a systematic attempt to defraud the EU by his party.
“There is a hell of a difference between that and seeking personal gain from public money. In the case of poor old Derek Clark it has cost him out of his own pocket,” he said.
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There is no escaping the truth that derek Clark is a liar and the backing of someone as corrupt as Nigel Farage does not alter that – clearly UKIP Leadership is unfit for purpose and not just the rigging of selection processes, the fiddling of internal elections and the deliberate abuse of the public purse with endemic theft from the tax payer to fund their life style of luxury, their wives and their staff can be justified.
UKIP leadership are unfit for office as shown by the fact they tyake advice from staff that they should lie!
UKIP members in the know are no better as by supporting UKIP they debase these United Kingdoms and aid and abet the corruption and self enrichment of the garbage that has floated to the top of the septic tank that is UKIP politics.
UKIP with its serial liars like Derek Clark, Gawain Towler, Nigel Farage, Mick McGough, Gerard Batten, Tom Wise, David Bannerman, Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher, and the rest of the self serving low life trash of politics! Propped up by a seemingly constant flow of bimbettes and other failed Tories!
IF they had any self respect, integrity or ethics they would speak out publicly to make the party fit for purpose but this is unlikely as they all have their own personal ambitions and will peddle the monsterous lie that to expose the corruption will damage the party – Have they no integrity? A party that corrupt needs to be exposed to rebuild a EUroRealist movement of some gravitas and consequence that can achieve what UKIP never has and never will in their present state – The leadership required to Leave-The-EU.
In 20 years UKIP have achieved absolutely ZERO to Leave-The-EU and have associated and even selected some of the most sordid politicians in EUropean politics and clearly all for the gain of a small self serving clique of liars and ner do wells.
Some may feel my comments are harsh but let us remember that it is UKIP leadership that has tried to defame me, tried to bankrupt me, lied to the Police about me, lied at meetings, owe mke £12.1/2 Thousand in unpaid debts to me, it is scum like Annabelle Fuller and Mick McGough who have openly stated they hope I die of cancer.
Yes I find UKIP little more than an excrecence as with many of its self righteous members who although aware of the vile behaviour of its leadership still will not speak out in public against the corruption for fear of damaging their route to the gravy train. The excuse is for the good of the party – which is clearly dishonest as the party is going nowhere with the present leadership as election after election has shown.
Let me remind you that Tom Wise was ordered to pay back less than Derek Clark and to the very end Nigel Farage was telling lies to protect Tom Wiser and himself just as is the case now with regard to his lies to protect Derek Clark – The man is a low life scoundrel who has betrayed all who ever trusted him!
Let us not forget the lies and abuse of Daniel Foggo who had the timerity to expose their corruption in the media and do not forget the lies to The Derbyshire Times see CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE & also CLICK HERE
It is a matter of record that to cover-up UKIP’s criminality Tom Wise spent £8,000 of public money on solicitors trying to prevent me publishing the truth – then when Junius & I posted the OLAF investigation numbers on Derek Clark he LIED to his regional committee and claimed there was absolutely no enquiry and that we had made the numbers up and were telling lies.
Will Farage, Derek Clark and the other UKIP liars be making a public apology to Junius and I for having lied about us? I doubt it as they lack the integrity and clearly are without fundamental emorality or understanding of ethics – They are therefore unfit for public office.
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